HA 1500 Passenger Ferry Boat (50 PAX)

Ha 1500 passenger ferry boat (50 passengers) for inland waterways.




Length Overall                                    : 14.28M

Length, Waterline                               : 13.50 M

Breadth                                               : 3.3 M

Depth                                                  : 1.40 M

Draft, Maximum                                 : 0.60 M

Hull Weight                                         : 2,780 kg

Load (Max)                                          : 4,300 kg

Fueltank                                             : 500 LITERS (Diesel)

Fresh Watertank                                : 200 LITERS

Capacity                                              : 50 Passengers + 2 Crew

Top Speed                                           : 25 Knots

Cruise speed                                       :17Knots

Hull and Materials

All raw materials of the boat (General Reinforced Plastic) are approved materials for the construction of crafts by the classification society. GRP single skin (min thickness 0.821 CM)


Supply and installation of 2 (two) nos Cummins Mercruiser Diesel Marine Engine QSD 4.2 ES each rated at 270 HP @ 3800 RPM

Propulsion System

Stern Drive, Bravo Two.  Engine installation includes all cooling and fuel lines

Steering System

Complete Hydraulic steering system including steering wheel.  Steering wheel position should be decided as per the design.

Bilge and sanitary system

4 (four) nos electrical bilge pumps with float switch

1 (one) no brass outlet hull fitting for each bilge pump


2 (two) nos 12 Volts batteries for engine ignition, each with switch

Battery parallel switch for starting of main engines

1 (one) no AC/DC switchboards panel for lighting, power output and pumps on console with one spare switch

Marine type electrical cables

Main cables are laid in PVC trenching with covers

Cables in engine room are laid on hot dip galvanized cable trays.

6 (six) nos 12 Volts lights for internal lighting

4 (four) nos bulkhead lights for engine room

Switch panel with indication lights

Navigation, Search and Communication Equipment

One (1) no S.S mast for navigation lights

Two (2) nos navigation lights

One (1) no search light 100W

One (1) no single Horn

One (1) no Magnetic Compass

DVD player + 17” monitor

Two (2) nos electrical wind screen wipers fixed on the glass

Mooring Equipment

Six (6) nos stainless steel mooring bollard, three on each side

Three (3) nos –Mooring rope 15M X 22 MM of polypropylene

Safety Equipment

Two (2) nos Life Ring

Six (6) nos dry powder fire extinguisher, 6kg each

Fifty Five (55) nos Life jackets with light and whistle

Internal arrangements and Covering

Fifty (50) nos passenger seats (40 Cm width/each)

Ventilation in Engine Room

Two (2) nos natural ventilation inlets by duct at port and starboard side of the hull

Two (2) nos natural ventilation outlets by duct at port and starboard side of the hull

Two (2) nos electric exhaust fans, 12V fixed to the air outlet duct for forced air out ventilation operated automatically on engine starting

Tanks and Fuel system

One (1) no stainless steel  fuel tank 500 L capacity provided with service manhole

One (1) no stainless steel water tank 200L capacity provided with service manhole

Fuel and water level gauges with indicator on console


Minimum of four (4) nos windows at each side of the vessel


Heavy duty D-type rubber fender 100 MM X 100 MM around the sheer/gunwale

Twelve (12) nos Heavy duty rubber fender on each side of the vessel

Doors and Hatches

One (1) double door, 1M width (clearance)  at AFT with fixed safety glass window

One (1) 80 cm escape hatch in the front

Anchor, Anchor winches, Anchor chains and ropes

Stainless steel Anchor

Shipping and Lifting

One (1) steel shipping cradle to transport in safer way

Delivery and Place of Delivery

Shanghai, China.

HA 1500 Passenger Ferry Boat (50 PAX)


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