AS332 Super Puma


Bratco is  pleased to offer subject unsold or market withdrawal:

There are available 6 x AS332 Super Puma from the military contractor with access to such aircraft around the world. 

Below you can find brief specification for (6) AS332 Super Puma’s that they have currently contracted to sell. 

All of these aircraft are configured for military operations, but can be sold “demilitarized”.

” If there is a specific configuration needed, we can certainly assist with finding the equipment and an installation of civil equipment … We need to know how helicopter or helicopters must be equipped for buyer’s missions, only then we could offer approximately sale price for one AS332 selected from 6 available machines” – as seller said.

” For refundable escrow deposit we use an International Aircraft Title & Escrow USA Agent that is very reputable. 

 In this stage to proceed, below please see the list of available AS332 and pictures.

Buyer must explore this list and inform us, what YOM and TTNS of AS332 helicopter may be acceptable to proceed.

AS332 General characteristics:

 Crew: 2

Capacity: 24 passengers plus attendant

Length: 16.79 m (main body), 18.7m (with rotors turning) (55 ft 0½ in, 61 ft 5in)

Rotor diameter: 16.20 m (53 ft 1½ in)

Height: 4.97 m (16 ft 4 in)

Disc area: 206.12 m² (2,217 ft²)

Empty weight: 4,660 kg (10,274 lb)

Useful load: 4,490 kg (9,899 lb)

Max. Takeoff weight: 9,150 kg (20,172 lb)

Powerplant: 2 × Turbomeca Makila 1A2 turboshaft, 1,376 kW (1,845 shp) each


Never exceed speed: 327 km/h (177 knots, 203 mph)

Maximum speed: 277 km/h (150 knots, 172 mph) max cruise

Cruise speed: 247 km/h (133 knots, 154 mph) econ cruise

Range: 851 km (460 nmi, 529 MI)

Service ceiling: 5,180 m (16,995 ft)

Rate of climb: 7.4 m/s (1,457 ft/min)

AS332 Super Puma


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