4500 HP and 55T Bollard Pull / Anchor Handling Tug / Supply



General Description:

Class: QRS Certificate No. 110985; +Hull+ MACH Tug: Special Service Supply Vessel
Built: The Netherlands – 25 May 1984
Flag: Panama
Length: 57.44m (188ft 66in)
Beam: 12.5m (41ft)
Max Draught: 4.81m (15ft 7in)
NT: 326 tons
GT: 1089 tons
Main Engine: 2 x Sterk Werkspoor 9 FHD 240 each 2250HP
Propellers: 2 C.P. propellers in nozzles (LIPS) 4 blades, 2.50m diam
Bollard Pull: 55 tons
Bow Thruster: C.P. Tunnel thruster, 450 bhp (331Kw); Thrust 4.0 tons
Generators: 2x 141 kW Diesel/Generator (440V, 60 cycles)
1x 160 kW Shaft Generator (440V, 60 cycles)
1x 70 kW Emergency Generator (440V, 60 cycles)
Rudders: Two coupled, “Spade” type rudders
Speed: Max 13.0 knots
Fuel Consumption
7 knots at 4 tons
8 knots at 5 tons
9 knots at 6 tons
10 knots at 8 tons
Windlass: Electric driven, 65kW, DC Max Pull 20 tons
Capstans: 2x 8ton, electric driven, 24 kW.DC
Towing/AH: Electric driven, 65 kW.DC
Towing Drum:
Tow Wire Drum
Capacity: 750m x 48mm wire.
Anchor handling section capacity:
Anchor Handling Drum
Capacity: 1000m of 48mm diam.
Max Pull 100 tons, water cooled disc brake for controlled paying out, brake holding 125 T
2 Karm Forks and 2 towing pins
Stern Roller: Length 3.0m, 1.8m diam.
Cranes: Stbd side fixed boom crane 1T @9mtr
Anchors/Chain: 2 Bow anchors of 1.4 ton each with 412m of 38mm chain
Tugger winch: 1x 8 tons
Capacity: 125m of 18mm diam. Wire electric/hydraulic driven
Speed + 10m/m
Reefer Power Points: 5x 440V & 1x 220V
Davits: 1 x SOLAS Approved for FRC Launching Fast Rescue Crafts (Jet Drives)
Boats: 1x 15man FRC SOLAS Approved
System: (Fast) Rescue Boat Handling System
System Type: PRHE 30
Lifecraft Capacity: 2x 25 person
Dispersant Equipment: 2 Dispersant Booms (Port & Stbd)
Dispersant Capacity: 85.2 cubic meters
Class 1: 1200 cubic meters per hour
Joystick: Lips-Holland – Lipsstick
Auto Pilot: Observator – MK33
Radar 1: Furuno FDP – 119
Radar 2: Furuno MV – 201 CR – ARPA GPS Furuno – GP32
Echo Sounder: Furuno – FE700
Magnetic Compass: Observator – Pilot Electric II Gyro Compass Gyrocompass – Standard 22
Anemometer: Furuno – FI 30
Radio/Telephone MF/HF
Transmitter: Furuno FS – 1562
RT HF/MF Receiver 1: Furuno DSC-6A
RT HF/MF Receiver 2 Sailor – R1119
VHF GMDSS: x2 Sailor – RT2048 and Sailor RM2042 (DSC)
VHF1 (extra): Uniden Oceanus DSC
SART: 2X Tronsart
EPIRB: Tron – 30S
Internal Comm System: Pronico – PFK5 Intercom; Vingtor – VSP.M Telephone
VHF Portable x3: Icom – IC-M12H (Ship use)
VHF Portable x3: Icom –IC-GM-1600E (GMDSS)
1x Thrane & Thrane Sat C – TT3606E
1x Furuno Sat C – INM – C
VHF Air Band Receiver: Icom IC-A110
SSAS: Furuno – 1C-307-Felcom15
Navtex: 1x JRC NRC – 300
AIS: Furuno – FA – 100
LRIT: Felcom 15
AD Convertor: Furuno – AD – 100
Sat Phone & email: Fleet Broad Band 150 Thrane & Thrane
Dead Weight: 585 tons at 4.00m (13’2”) Draught ; 1049 tons at 4.81 (15’7”) Draught
Deck Cargo: 500 tons
Clear Deck Space: Total area – 305.6m²
Deck Strength: 5 tons/ m²
Fuel Oil: 450 m³ (645m³ including mud tanks)
Potable water: 188.7m³
Drill water: 486.8m³
Dry Bulk: 6 tanks at 800 cbft (4800 cbft) total/max weight 60t/tank
Liquid mud: 65.13 cubic meters
Dispersant Equipment: 2 Dispersant Booms (1 Port; 1 Sbd, On after deck.)
Dispersant Capacity: 85.2 cubic meters
MEG: 106.7 cubic meters
Exact rates are dependent on discharge height and piping lay out on the platform
Dry Bulk: Compressor 1869 m³/hr at 4 bar
Barite: approximately 60tons/hr
Bentonite: approximately 120 tons/hr
Cement: approximately 100 tons/hr
Fuel Oil: 1 x 112 m³/hr at 75m l.c.
Drill water: 2 x 80 m³/hr at 75m l.c.
Potable Water: 1 x 80 m³/hr at 75m l.c.
Liquid Mud: 1 discharge pump 60 m³
6 circulating pumps: 3 x 20 m³/hr
3 x 60 m³/hr
MEG: Discharge rate Approx 37 m³/hr
95% Capacity 96 m³
Dispersant: 1,5kW 6 Pole Motor, 5 cubic meter/Hour at 3 Bar
Couplings: Various adaptors for offshore supply
Metering devices: Load and discharge meters for fuel
Load and discharge meter for MEG.
Cold Store: 8.5 cbm at –20 °C
Cooled Store: 11.3 cbm at +4 °C
Total Bunks: 25 persons
Passenger Bunks: 12
Recreation Room: 1 x 16 m²
Mess room: 1 x 18 m²
Hospital: First Aid and Dispensary
4500 HP and 55T Bollard Pull / Anchor Handling Tug / Supply


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