ISUZU High-end GIGA Fire Truck


Rescue Vehicle for Fire Department

Multifunctional Rescue Truck The vehicle is equipped with all kinds of fire-fighting and rescue equipment.
Fireman’s’ special protective equipment fire-fighting and dismantling tools and fire source detector.
 It is a special fire truck that undertakes rescue tasks.
The structural composition of rescue vehicles includes the chassis upper body (with rescue equipment) power extractor and transmission device generator (shaft belt type or independent generator set) winch (hydraulic or electric)truck crane (generally folding arm type in the rear of the body) lifting lighting system electrical system.
The multifunctional rescue truck has lifting self-rescue/traction obstacle clearance power generation lighting and other functions can be equipped with a large number of demolition detection and inspection plugging protection and other types of fire equipment or tools.
The interior of the vehicle equipment box adopts aluminum alloy profile adjustable modular structure reasonable space layout safe and convenient tool placement belongs to the special service fire truck widely used in fire fighting forces to cope with various natural disasters emergencies, rescue  and other fields.
$ 102,800.00
Our recommend truck for January, 2019 is ISUZU High-end GIGA Dry Powder Fire Fighting Truck. 

ISUZU High-end GIGA Fire Truck


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