Boeing 737
Boeing 737

Bratco Overseas is an independent consultancy and engineering company providing special services to marine industries. The company offers expert assistance and support for all marine-related studies and development projects.

Bratco Overseas provides a range of services to the principal industry sectors of:

  • Project Management (New Ship Building and Repairing)
  • Contracting (New Ship Building and Repairing)
  • Port & Shipyard Facility Concept Design and Feasibility Studies
  • Port & Shipyard Investment Technical Management
  • Software Development (ERP Solution for Shipyard and Port Facilities)
  • Second Hand Shipyard and Port Equipment Sale & Purchase
  • Brokerage services (New Ship Building and Repairing)
  • Ship Sale & Purchase
  • Value Assessment Studies for Ship, Shipyard, Port Facilities…

Our particular strengths lies in the our knowledge of the world market and our expertise in all aspects of Shipbuilding & Ship Repair and Port Operations. We have a comprehensive knowledge of Marine Industry best practices and apply this in both the design of new facilities and in performance improvement projects.